Sunday, April 14, 2013


Welcome! We are so excited for our 7th Annual SLCC Student Association Film Festival so thank you for visiting the viewing page. You can navigate through the categories using the tabs above. Click on the link below the film to vote for your favorite film. We want to make it known that the views, opinions, and ideas expressed in the films are in no way reflective of the views of Salt Lake Community College. We thank you for your participation!

*For the Audience Choice Award, you may only have one overall vote!! If you are emailing your vote in, include the film maker/director's first and last name as well as the title of their film.*

Voting starts at 8:00 AM on Monday 4/14 and ends at Midnight on 4/18. Click HERE to vote.

If you are not a part of SLCC, please email your vote to


Salt Lake Community College
Student Life and Leadership
Fine Arts and Lectures Board